Master's Program in Economics

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Course Registration

Please note that there is no registration necessary for courses except the M12-courses!!


Please note that there are limited spots available for all 12 ECTS courses, especially those courses requiring an oral presentation and a written term paper. Thus to participate in such a course, registration is required!

The 12 ECTS courses are essential for the preparation of your master’s thesis and you should have taken at least one before beginning to work on it. Many master’s thesis advisors require that you have taken a 12 ECTS course with them.

You can sign up for 12 ECTS courses starting in your second semester. There are no further formal prerequisites required for signup. However, for a particular course the instructor may strongly recommend certain background knowledge. It is recommended that you take one 12 ECTS course in the second semester, and at most two in the third semester. Note that you cannot take more than three 12 ECTS courses.

A list of available 12 ECTS courses can be found under Courses.


All 12 ECTS courses require prior registration; the registration period can be found here (German). The time period is listed under "Termine für die nächsten Semester" in the row "Anmeldung zu den Seminaren in LSF". 

Signup is completed via LSF under “Register for courses”. Because it is highly possible that there may not be enough spots in your first choice 12 ECTS course, we strongly recommend that you select several courses you may be interested in and prioritize them accordingly (highest priority = 1). If you don’t get a spot in your desired course and haven’t selected any others, you risk being placed in a course at random.

IMPORTANT: The exact timing of the registration is not relevant for the assignment of places (as long as it is within the registration period)!

The course spots are assigned at random to all eligible students (there’s no reward for applying early!), taking into account the specified priorities. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed that all registered students receive a place in their favored 12 ECTS course. The economics faculty tries to provide all students with a place in their desired course and has been successful thus far.

After the places have been allocated, registered students are informed via email about which course they have been assigned to.

Clearing Process

If there are still vacant places in 12 ECTS courses after the assignment process, or some have become vacant due to students withdrawing, those places will be assigned through the clearing process to students on the waiting list.

Those who missed the above registration deadline can also apply to have a place assigned during this clearing process. To be put on the waiting list and participate in the clearing process, please send an email with your name, matriculation number (“Matrikelnummer”) and the desired 12 ECTS course to

The assignment is carried out with the same procedure as the random allocation process.

IMPORTANT: Because the registration for 12 ECTS courses always happens well in advance, note that you must sign up for the courses taking place in the following (not the current) semester.

Binding Registration

Your registration for a 12 ECTS course becomes binding once you have participated in the preliminary discussion and have been assigned a topic for your term paper. To withdraw after the binding registration is only possible for a very substantial reason. Resignation has to be communicated, in writing, to the particular chair. If you signed up and fail to attend without a substantial reason and the consent of the chair, you are given the grade 5.0 (fail) for that course.