Master's Program in Economics

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Courses Winter Term 2021/22

In Winter Term 2021/22 the Department of Economics offers the following classes:

The information on this site is tentative and subject to change!

The course overview and detailed information can also be found on LSF Online-Portal or on the relevant website of the respective chairs. Please note that for some of the courses registration is required!

Compulsory Modules:

Mathematics for Economists - Lectures and Tutorials (blocked course October 2021, starting on October 4th)

Macroeconomics - Lectures and Tutorials (blocked course 1st part of term)

Microeconomics - Lectures and Tutorials (blocked course 2nd part of term)

Econometrics - Lectures and Tutorials (blocked course / 1st part of term)

Public Economics - Lectures and Tutorials (blocked course / 2nd part of term)

The MSc in Economics 1st semester course schedule for winter term 2021/22 can be downloaded here.

Optional Modules:

6 ECTS Courses

(options for specialization in brackets)

Eckel/Flach Frontiers in International Trade
(Macroeconomics and International Economics)
Gumpert Firms in the knowledge Economy
(Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction; Applied Econometrics)
Konrad/Hennings International Public Economics
(Public Sector Economics)
Mier The Economics of Power Markets
(Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction; Public Sector Economics)
Schudy/Woerner Experimental Methods
(Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction; Applied Econometrics)
Sunde Long-Run Growth and Institutional Development
(Macroeconomics and International Economics; Public Sector Economics)
Teti Trade Policy
(Macroeconomics and International Economics)
Winter Topics in Applied Econometrics
(Applied Econometrics)


12 ECTS Courses

(options for specialization in brackets)

Please note that places in all 12 ECTS courses are limited, especially those courses requiring an oral presentation and a written term paper. In order to participate in a 12 ECTS course you have to register well in advance. More information can be found on the website of the ISC (in German)!

Ashraf Advanced Topics in Organizational Economics
(Applied Econometrics; Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction)
Ashraf Development Economics: Firms in Developing Countries
(Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction)
Eichmeyer Economic and Social Problems: Insights From Big Data
(Applied Econometrics; Public Sector Economics)
Magli Empirical Issues in Trade
(Macroeconomics and International Economics; Applied Econometrics)
Meier Economics of Education
(Public Sector Economics)
Poutvaara The Political Economy of Income Redistribution
(Public Sector Economics; Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction)