Master's Program in Economics

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International Applicants

Application at the University's International Office

All Applicants from EU and non-EU countries must in addition to their application at our department apply at the University’s International Office (Referat für internationale Angelegenheiten) which assesses whether you fulfill the formal requirements for admission to the university itself.

It is recommended to prepare your application to the University's International Office simultaneously with your application for the master programn at the department of Economics. The application period of the International Office officially begins Mid-May but you can send in your application already at the beginning of May. It ends on July 15 for intake in the winter semester. Please apply as early as possible, otherwise the timeframe may get tight to obtain a visa or prepare your move before the semester starts. It is important to know that you can apply at the International Office already before you have received the letter of admission for the master program from our department, that means you do not need to provide the "Certificate of Suitability" for the Master in Economics at the time of your application to the International Office but you can hand it in later when you have received admission from both the International Office and the master program and enroll in person at the International Office (usually in October).

Applications to the International Office should be send by registered letter or a courier service to have a proof of the delivery. Applicants will be notified by email about successful admission to the University.

Please adhere to all the guidelines for application to the International Office described on their website.

Also please note:

  • during the evaluation period the International Office is closed and cannot be contacted.
  • You do not have to provide proof of German language proficiency for our master program. The entire program is taught in English. Due to the fact that the admission requirements for the application at the International Office relate also to other master programs being taught in German, the general application form requests this information.

Translation of documents

For your application at the department of Economics please note: A certified translation has only to be provided of those required documents that are neither issued in English nor in German language.

Conversion of grades

The calculation of equivalent grades will be carried out on the basis of the modified Bavarian formula (PDF) for the calculation of final results.