Master's Program in Economics

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Master Thesis

The Master thesis will be written in the 4th semester and is a Compulsary Module of it's own. It should be an independently written scientific work in a specific field of economics. The Master thesis has to be completed over a period of 22 weeks. Detailed Information on the master's thesis can be found in our FAQ's.


In the Master thesis students prove their ability to independently apply scientific methods of economics and to write an original piece of research.

Learning objectives

Students should build up detailed knowledge in the planning, realisation and evaluation of a special issue in economics. This concluding scientific work should be an independently written research thesis in any area of economics. A suitable supervisor for your Master thesis can be chosen from all professors of the department who are currently teaching over the period of writing your thesis. Please refer to the information on the planned sabbatical semesters of professors.

In preparation for the Master thesis, please note that at least in one of the 12-ECTS courses in the 2nd or 3rd semester students should work on an independently formulated research problem and present the results in a seminar paper, this seminar paper presenting a decision-making support for prospective supervisors.