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Questions about students life at the LMU

What do I do in case of illness?

During Final Exams

If you come down with a prolonged sickness during the final exam period, please contact student guidance ("Studienberatung").

While Working on Your Master’s Thesis

Students who fall ill while working on their Master’s Thesis must provide evidence of their illness as soon as possible! This must be completed at the very latest before the thesis deadline. Along with the proof of illness, you must provide a written request for a deadline extension, which will be granted depending on the appropriate examination regulations.

Proof of illness can be obtained by going to a doctor and having them verify the duration of your illness and your inability to complete your thesis. Simply provide them with this form (pdf 92KB) and have them fill it out. You must then bring the completed form and a written request for a deadline extension as soon as possible to the examination office: ISC, Ludwigstraße 28, front building ground floor or room 020.

If you are required to stay in a hospital as an inpatient (i.e. you had to remain in the hospital for treatment), a confirmation from the hospital will suffice as proof.

Credible proof of inability to complete your thesis, plus a written request for a deadline extension (a request via email is not sufficient), must be provided to the examination office (address above) as soon as possible.

If you are unsure about anything, please come visit us at the examination office (ISC) during our office hours.

Can I take a leave of absence / suspend my studies?

Students who are prevented from properly completing their studies due to significant and unavoidable reasons can usually be granted a leave of absence (=suspension of studies) for a maximum of two semesters.

A leave of absence doesn’t count towards your total number of semesters – it essentially puts a pause on your studies – which is why courses completed during a leave of absence can’t be counted towards your degree (with the exception of maternity/paternity leave and caregiver leave).

The semester fees must nevertheless be paid for the requested semester and a punctual and proper re-registration (Rückmeldung) for the respective semester must be completed. You can see the current status of your account with the LMU’s online self-service functions.

How do I get accommodations for my disability?

Those with severe disabilities may be granted accommodations according to the Examination Regulations, for example in the form of test time extensions, etc.
To whom this may apply, please come to the Examination Office during the office hours for consultation.
Evidence of disability (e.g. identification card which indicates handicap) must be included with the request for accommodation.
The examination board will review the request and determine an appropriate accommodation depending on the type of disability.
For those minoring in economics: Disability accommodations can be acquired through the Examination Office of your major degree program. A copy of the accommodation confirmation must be handed in, together with a list of the exams to be taken, to the Economics Examination Office before the final exam registration period is over.

How can I improve my knowledge of German?

Different institutions offer language courses at LMU Munich in cooperation with the International Office. Please refer to this information about Learning German.

What rules apply regarding internships?

You may be granted a leave of absence for an internship if the following two conditions are met:

The internship overlaps with at least two thirds of the semester, and
The internship is somehow related to your studies (to be determined by the ISC).
The Studentenkanzlei (Student Record Office) can only grant you a leave of absence for an internship if you present to them a corresponding confirmation from the Studienberatung (Student Guidance).
Please be sure to also refer to the information found on the faculty’s website (German).

What calculators are allowed in exams?

Conforming to the guidelines regarding allowed calculators in the Abitur test in Bavaria, only calculators satisfying the following conditions are allowed in exams at the LMU:

The only calculators allowed in final exams are non-programmable and are unable to connect to the internet.
A calculator is considered programmable if functions, programs or text can be entered, saved or used which were not originally included with the calculator.
Calculators with graphing functions or with the typical functions of a computer algebra system (CAS) are not allowed on exams.

Where can I find a semester calendar?

Need to know when the semester starts and ends? You can find it on the semester schedule.