Master's Program in Economics

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Courses Summer Term 2015

In Summer Term the Department of Economics offers the following master classes:

Time table of master classes summer term 2015 (pdf, 13 KB)

Reduced Course Catalogue (pdf, 302 KB)

The course overview can also be found on LSF Online-Portal.



Please note that for PO 2010 each optional course can be assigned to each optional module!


 6 ECTS Courses

Prof. Sunde

Advanced Macroeconomics
(Specialisation: Macro and International Economics; Research) *

Prof. Flaig

Time Series Analysis
(Specialisation: Applied Econometrics) *

Prof. Meier

Capital Income Taxation
(Specialisation: Public Sector Economics) **

Prof. Pittel

Growth and Natural Ressources
(Specialisation: Macro and International Economics, Public Sector Economics) *

Prof. Poutvaara

The Political Economy of Intergenerational Transfers (Specialisation: Public Sector Economics) *

Prof. Schmidt

Game Theory
(Specialisation: Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction; Research) *

Dr. Stowasser

Economic Foundations and Applications of Risk
(Specialisation: Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction) *

Dr. Watzka

Introduction to liquidity trap economics: theory, quantitative
(Specialisation: Macro and International Economics) *

Prof. Winter

Topics in Applied Econometrics
(Specialisation: Applied Econometrics) *

* = exam 120 min
** = presentation 30 min


12 ECTS Courses

Please note that places in all 12 ECTS courses are limited, especially those courses requiring an oral presentation and a written term paper. In order to participate in a 12 ECTS course you have to register well in advance. More information can be found on the website of the ISC   (in German)!

Prof. Haufler Topics in International Taxation** (Specialisation: Public Sector Economics) 
Prof. Kocher Behavioral and experimental economics** (Specialisation: Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction; Research) 
Dr. Maier, Murooka, Ph.D. Behavioral Economic Theory** (Specialisation: Microeconomics and Strategic Interaction; Research) 
Prof. Meier Economics of Education* (Specialisation: Public Sector Economics) 
Prof. Sunde The Political Economics of Development** (Specialisation: Macro and International Economics) *
Suverato, Ph.D., Tarasov, Ph.D. Topics in International Trade*** (Specialisation: Macro and International Economics) 
Prof. Trebesch International Migration: Empirical Methods and Economic Implications** (Specialisation: Macro and International Economics; Applied Econometrics) *
Dr. Watzinger The Economics of Science and Innovation** (Specialisation: Applied Econometrics) *
Prof. Winter Microeconometrics*** (Specialisation: Applied Econometrics ) 
Prof. Wollmershäuser, Dr. Hristov New Keynesian Macroeconomics*** (Specialisation: Macro and International Economics; Applied Econometrics) 
Prof. Wuppermann Estimating Causal Effects - A Replication Seminar** (Specialisation: Applied Econometrics) **

* = Master PO 2010 (advanced Seminar 15 ECTS: term paper, presentation, exam), PO 2013 (12 ECTS: term paper, presentation)
** = For Master PO 2013 only (12 ECTS: term paper, presentation)
*** = Master PO 2010 (9 ECTS, no advanced seminar!, no registration necessary: exam), Master PO 2013 (12 ECTS: exam, no registration necessary)



Revision Tutorials

For courses of the compulsory modules which are just taking place annually we provide review tutorials and the opportunity to retake the exam during the lecture period in the following semester!

Microeconomics: course; repeat exam

Macroeconomics: course; repeat exam

Mathematics: course; repeat exam

Econometrics: course; repeat exam

Public Economics: course; repeat exam

Detailed information on the individual tutorials are to be found on LSF Online-Portal or on the relevant website of the respective chairs. Please note that for some of the courses you have to register!