Master's Program in Economics

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Application 2019

You can enter your application for the M.Sc. in Economics via the Online Application Tool during the application period April 1st to April 30th, 2019.

Please note: the link to the online application tool will be available only during the application period (April 1st to April 30th). We kindly ask you to understand that we only accept documents uploaded via our online tool. Please don't send any documents via post or email.

International Applicants

All international applicants have to apply twice:

at the Department of Economics (application period April 1st to 30th) and additionally

at the International Office (application period mid May until July 15th) 

Online Tool

The Online Tool for the application at our department is open during the application period from April 1st to 30th.

All required documents have to be uploaded there, documents provided by email/mail or handed in personally will not be taken into account.

GMAT/GRE and letters of reference are not considered!

English Knowledge

Only the listed Evidences of sufficient knowledge of English are accepted. 

All documents have to be uploaded via our online tool. If you cannot provide evidence of sufficient knowledge of English within the application period, an informal note, informing about a postponed submission, can be uploaded instead. (Deadline for submission: August 31st)

Financial Support

We are not able to offer any Financial Support.

Test of Admission


Applicants will get an invitation for our Test of Admission if the qualification could not unambiguously established as equivalent to our Bachelor's degree in Economics and/or the GPA is worse than 2.0 but at least 2.5

This written test will take place only in Munich on June 1st 2019. 

Please note that a degree in business is not equivalent to our Bachelor's degree in Economics.

Proof of Studies


For the application it is sufficient to provide an official transcript of examination results to date with at least 75% of the requirements of the Bachelor Degree and their weighted average grade and hand in the Final certified Degree later.



Please understand that we cannot evaluate an applicant's qualification in advance.

Please note that we only accept documents uploaded via our online tool! Please don't send any documents via post or email.